• Find out what it's like to ride the famous "Vomit Comet" and more space facts in astronaut school. There is also lots of information on how students, teachers and schools can get involved in NASA's astronaut program.

  • Start your virtual exploration of the Red Planet with interactive games that put you in the driver's seat. Mars Funzone is the destination for Red Planet-related games, amazing facts, activities and special events related to the exploration of Mars.

  • This is place to find all the latest and greatest stuff created just for kids by NASA. There are plenty of games, stories, arts and crafts, plus links to the coolest NASA sites. Sorry grownups, this space is for kids only.

  • Science and technology and learning about space are fun, understandable, and within your grasp. That's the idea behind the Space Place - the kid-friendly website to make and do spacey things.

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