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Previous versions of this site. The most recent version was launched on Jan. 29, 2018.

NASA's Deep Dive Planetary Website

Launched in October 1998, the Solar System Exploration website is a real-time, living encyclopedia of the robotic exploration of our solar system. We provide the public with reliable, accurate, up-to-date information about the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and everything else in our solar system. We also provide a complete historical record of deep space exploration.

Management/Task Plan

This site is produced for NASA's Science Mission Directorate's Planetary Science Division by the Solar System Exploration Public Engagement teams at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory as part of Planetary Science Program Support Task Plan 40-15961, Rev. E.

Senior Leadership: Dr. Lori Glaze, Director, NASA Planetary Science Division

Responsible NASA Official: Kristen Erickson

JPL Public Engagement Manager: Alice Wessen

Web Development Team

Project Lead / Producer: Phillips Davis

Social Media Leads: Bill Dunford and Molly Wasser

Science Writers: Lonnie Shekhtman and Jay Thompson

Web Development/Graphics: Moore Boeck

Original Solar System Orrery Design: Martin Vézina

Additional Thanks (1998 to present)

Ron Baalke, Greg Baerg, Amanda Barnett, Patricia Beauchamp, Rosalie Betrue, Dwayne Brown, Autumn Burdick, Laurie Cantillo, James Cutts, Mike Dailey, Maryia Davis, Preston Dyches, Stephen J. Edberg, Laura Generosa, Sean Graham, Jim Green, Colleen Hartman, Christopher Hawley, Celeste Hoang, Jane Houston Jones. Maureen Kenney, Becky Knudsen, Ernest Koeberlein, Elizabeth Landau, Cecelia Lawshe, Fuk Li, Marilyn Lindstrom, Leslie Lowes, Sam Luu, David Martin, Katie McKissick, Ellis Miner, Kirk Munsell, Mamta Nagaraja, Randii Oliver, David Overoye, Carl Pilcher, Maura Rountree-Brown, Bob Silberg, Harman Smith, Anita Sohus, Sugi Sorensen, Taisan Tan, Amy Walton, JoAnna Wendel, Randii Wessen, Allan Yu, Akio Yamada and Erick Zelaya.