Author(s): Andrew S. Rivkin
Co-Author(s): Julie C. Castillo-Rogez, Neyda M. Abreu, Erik Asphaug, Andrew F. Cheng, Beth E. Clark, Barbara A. Cohen, Pamela G. Conrad, Paul Hayne, Ellen S. Howell, Torrence V. Johnson, Georgiana Kramer, Jian-Yang Li, Larry A. Lebofsky, Lucy F. Lim, Amy J. Lovell, Dennis L. Matson, Thomas M. McCord, Lucy-Ann McFadden, William B. McKinnon, Ralph E. Milliken, William Moore, James H. Roberts, Christopher T. Russell, Britney E. Schmidt, Mark V. Sykes, Peter C. Thomas, Mikhail Zolotov
Panel Selection: Primitive Bodies: Asteroids, comets, Phobos, Deimos, Pluto/Charon and other Kuiper belt objects, meteorites, and interplanetary dust.
Institution: Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
We present recent findings about Ceres, stressing its unique nature. Outstanding remaining science questions are discussed along with recommendations for the next steps in Ceres research in the Dawn and post-Dawn era.