Author(s): Paul Withers
Co-Author(s): Jared Espley, Rob Lillis, Dave Morgan, Laila Andersson, Mathieu Barthélemy, Stephen Bougher, David Brain, Stephen Brecht, Tom Cravens, Geoff Crowley, Justin Deighan, Scott England, Jeffrey Forbes, Matt Fillingim, Jane Fox, Markus Fraenz, Brian Gilchrist, Erika Harnett, Faridah Honary, Dana Hurley, Muffarah Jahangeer, Robert Johnson, Donald Kirchner, Francois Leblanc, Mark Lester, Michael Liemohn, Jean Lilensten, Janet Luhmann, Rickard Lundin, Anthony Mannucci, Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Michael Mendillo, Erling Nielsen, Martin Pätzold, Carol Paty, Kurt Retherford, Cyril Simon, James Slavin, Bob Strangeway, Roland Thissen, Feng Tian, Olivier Witasse
Panel Selection: Mars: Not Phobos and Deimos.
Institution: Boston University
The ionosphere of Mars is a key part of the boundary between Mars and the solar wind. The MAVEN mission will improve our understanding of ionospheric properties and processes, including how they affect the escape to space of atmospheric species, but other important questions will remain unanswered.

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