Hubble image of a greenish blob that is actually the Crab Nebula


Feature | October 5, 2022


Our universe is full of mysterious sights, and spine-tingling sounds. Take a journey to the most frightful corners of the cosmos.

Halloween at Home Activities

Create a hauntingly good time this Halloween without leaving the house! Here are tips for creating the perfect space-themed Halloween at home.

  • Decorate Your Walls With the “Horrors” of Our Galaxy​

    Learn more about zombie worlds, rains of terror, and flares of furry when you decorate your walls with the Galaxy of Horrors posters. Get in the sinister spirit and download the posters here. Or, you can color your own.

  • Carve a Pumpkin Like a NASA Engineer

    Our engineers are famous for designing spacecraft and telescopes, but did you know they were out-of-this-world pumpkin carvers? View their handiwork. Also, view this kid-friendly set of pumpkin stencils to make your very own NASA-inspired design at home.

  • Dress Up as Your Favorite Planet

    Looking for easy costume ideas this year? Become one of your favorite planets! Download these printable face cut-outs.

  • Travel to the Universe of Monsters

    In dark corners of the galaxy are worlds fit for creatures of the night. Explore the homes of Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula’s lair, the place where zombies roam, and more.

    Take a journey to these dark and sinister worlds

  • Use Your Favorite Candy Bar to Describe Rocks like a NASA Scientist

    Pick your favorite Halloween candy bar and learn how to study rocks like NASA scientists do!

Sinister Sounds of the Solar System

Have you heard the scary noises from across our universe before? Using data from our spacecraft, scientists gathered sinister sounds from the depths of space. Listen to our playlist filled with new “moans” and “whistles” that would scare the most ghoulish of creatures.

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