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In awe of the starry sky for as long as he can remember, and inspired at a young age by the Apollo flights to the Moon, Ron Rosano has closely followed NASA and other space missions ever since. Ron was active with the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers in the 1990's, and built a 10" Dobsonian telescope with John Dobson in 1993. He began working with The Astronomical Society of the Pacific's (ASP) Project Astro in 1995, and since then has conducted classroom astronomy lessons and presentations with many thousands of K-12 students and with the public. Ron also serves on the Advisory Council of the ASP. Ron works for a small management company, and also pursues interests in music, photography, and the outdoors. He has a reservation to fly into space with a company offering suborbital spaceflights, and also has a reservation for a balloon trip into the stratosphere; he hopes to make those trips in 2023 or soon after.