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Richard is a System Design Manager at an aerospace company in Wayne, New Jersey. He has over 25 years’ experience on development programs for the US Armed Forces. He has had various assignments in the design and management of communication products and systems, including Link 16 and the Joint Tactical Radio System. His technical contributions have included the system design and architecture for the Link 16 product line and the application design for integration into airborne, ground and shipboard platforms. Richard led several business development projects for advanced applications of communication products. He led architectural design and analyses of networking austere platforms. He has also contributed to process improvements teams in the areas of the front end of the business process and systems cost estimation. He also served as the local Ethics Officer for nine years. He volunteers as the Athletic Director and basketball coach for Holy Spirit School. Richard has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University and an MBA in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.