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Sarah is a professional communicator of science, with a passion for astrobiology. She currently is pursuing a Masters of Science in Communication and holds a Bachelors of the Arts in English and Writing. She is the host of "The Space Case Sarah Show" on IRoc Space Radio, a live radio station on the iHeart Radio platform. She is the Principal Science Writer for Blue Marble Space Institute of Science and there also serves as the Senior Production Assistant for “Ask an Astrobiologist”, a monthly show presented by NASA Astrobiology department. She volunteers as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA/JPL and conducts outreach to the public on current and upcoming missions. Sarah is also an avid camper and adventurer. She is a certified scuba diver and recently returned from a trip to Nepal to hike to Mount Everest base camp. She lives in Rockford, Illinois with her two amazing kiddos and two dogs.