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Peter Tlusty’s first interest in space took place when he was in elementary school watching the Saturn V lifting off sending men to the moon during the Apollo program. He received a degree in Early Childhood Education from Marymount University and began his teaching career. He currently teaches technology to pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students. Along with teaching computer skills, STEM education is a big part of his curriculum. He attends professional development opportunities through NASA’s education initiative and uses NASA and space content in his classroom regularly. He also is a member of the Civil Air Patrol as an educator and uses materials and content provided by the CAP education program teaching aeronautics. He has had student’s experiments travel to space through the Cubes in Space program. He has mentored several teams competing in the American Rocketry Challenge. His students have listened to deep space through the GAVRT radio telescope program. He has given a presentation on teaching aeronautics to middle school students at the SPACE conference for educators at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Mr. Tlusty is a firm believer of hands-on and project-based learning. He is a big advocate of STEM education and on any given day in his classroom you would see students designing, building, or testing a rocket, rover, satellite, kite, plane, glider, boat, or car in solving a problem presented in an engineering design challenge.