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Sharife Gacel is an analog astronaut, has 10+ years of experience as a Clinical Therapist, is a Director of a private practice, and is licensed in two states (Florida and Colorado). Her areas of specialty include anxiety, life stage transitions, multicultural issues, and general mental health concerns. She received her Master of Science with honors in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She also received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science with honors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology. Sharife also has an 18-year background in the performing arts and is currently developing an Astronomy Art visual arts series. Sharife has been selected to participate in 6 NASA Social events. She also manages the social media accounts for her adopted greyhounds Anubis and Cosmos to an audience of 25,000+ people worldwide. Sharife is an amateur astronomer, Divemaster scuba diver, space educator, animal lover, and visual artist. She enjoys watching rocket launches and loves connecting with others about human spaceflight.