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Of all fears, Cheyenne Smith's is being insignificant. For a long time she felt a void in the things she wanted to do in life. She wanted to pursue a career in fashion or entertainment and become some sort of mogul in those industries, but always felt like there was something missing. As a little girl she knew in her heart she was going to be an astronomer. She collected rocks and fossils and literally read every book on space in the elementary library. Although her career choice changed during her time in college, she always kept up with all the star party events and latest celestial bodies in the sky and missions to space. It wasn�t until recently when she realized what she needed to fill that void, astronomy. The universe has its way of stripping you everything and making you realize how little you need of the outside world to really be happy. Astronomy is where she finds peace. It adds substance to her life and her fear of being insignificant itself becomes insignificant. Cheyenne has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus in public relations. Currently she's looking into online courses, shadowing programs and pursuing more education in astronomy to help further her education and goals in the field as a science communicator with a focus in astrobiology and outreach.