Marion, Iowa

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Mark joined the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador program in 2019 and has successfully planned and implemented dozens of community-based events throughout east-central and northern Iowa. Mark holds a bachelor degree in geology from Wright State University and a master degree in astronomy from Swinburne University of Technology. He has always displayed his passion and enthusiasm for the sciences, especially astronomy. Mark spent four weeks volunteering at Mt. Evans observatory in Colorado and has taught college astronomy courses at McKendree University and Dickinson College. In addition, he worked for the Pennsylvania Geological Survey and has worked in several planetaria. Mark is an avid photographer and astro-photographer who enjoys observing and imaging the night sky through his telescopes and cameras. He is passionate about conducting educational public outreach and bringing the concepts of astronomy down to the human level of understanding. For Mark, it is the darkness and beauty of the night sky that brings light to his day.