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Jason-Flor Sisante is a cerebrovascular scientist who is curious to unravel the role of the heart-brain interaction as it pertains to cognitive aging, exercise and extreme environments such as space. His fascination of space is what drove him to love science at an early age. He is a former NASA/National Biomedical Space Research Institute (NSBRI) intern, and he recruits on behalf of NASA's education programs. Jason-Flor earned his PhD in Rehabilitation Science at Kansas University Medical Center, where he also did post-doctoral training in Rehabilitation Medicine. Having grown up on Long Island, New York, he earned his BS (Honors) in Psychology and his MS in Basic Life Sciences at Stony Brook University. Currently, he is a medical student at Kansas City University and is an Ensign in the U.S. Navy Reserves. His long-term goal is to be a leader in aerospace and neurorehabilitation research, hoping to optimize neural recovery in patients afflicted with brain insults, and extending this work to solve aerospace medical problems. Having been fortunate to have been part of special projects for various medical institutions, Jason-Flor is dedicated to STEM education initiatives, and he recruits and mentors deserving students to increase their educational opportunities.