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Janet Ivey creates and facilitates children's educational live performances, TV, and online programming. With over 25 years in the children’s entertainment and education, Janet has captivated Nashville and beyond with her work. She has received 12 Regional Emmys, five Gracie Allen Awards, for her children’s series that airs on public television stations nationwide. Janet is also a Buzz Aldrin ShareScience Ambassador. Janet grew up in Covington, TN, a little town 45 minutes north of Memphis, TN. She played astronaut on the playground and watched Star Trek. Janet credits her fifth grade teacher, Ms. Ernestine Yarborough for inspiring her love of the solar system. Ms. Yarborough hosted a star party in the fall of 1977 where Janet had the chance to look through a telescope for the first time. Witnessing a strong and beautiful female role model know so much about stars and planets and began a life long love affair with the cosmos. Part artist, part scientist Janet believes that ART and SCIENCE deserve to be taught side by side in concert with one another. Janet earned her Bachelor’s in Music and Theatre and is a Master’s Candidate in STEAM education at University of San Diego.