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Ayla Grandpre is an undergraduate double majoring in chemistry, computer science, with minors in physics and mathematics. She is also space geek and aspiring astrophysicist. Ayla has lived in small town Montana her whole life, and was first inspired by a community astronomy class as a child. She hopes to inspire the future generation to spark their interest in space like she was at a young age. Her passion for space exploration, collaboration, and innovation shines through in her community involvement, and sees how these goals can be applied to various fields. In college, Ayla has created a biweekly after school program to get young girls exposed to STEAM fields. She's an active member in the Montana Space Grant Consortium, and mentor at local schools to help young students in learning computer science and technology from all different backgrounds. Being a woman in a STEM field she hopes to teach and show students (young and old) that they can follow their dreams.