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Meet the Genesis flight team. Press and media: All text and footage is public domain, courtesy of NASA. (Windows™ Media Player required to view video clips. Click here to Play)
Don Brunett
Principal Investigator and Lead Scientist, California Institute of Technology.
- Don on the Genesis   mission ASX video icon
- Interview
Don Sweetnam
Genesis Project Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- JPL News Release
- Don on being a mission   engineer ASX video icon
- Interview
Eileen Stansbery
Contamination Control Lead,
Johnson Space Center

- Eileen on:
  - Genesis mission
ASX video icon
  - On cleanrooms ASX video icon
- Interview
Roger Wiens
Genesis Payload Activities Lead at the Space and Atmospheric Science Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
- Interview
Bob Axsom
Genesis Mission Assurance Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
- Interview
Charles Acton
Data Management, JPL
DC Agle
Media Relations,
Bruce Barraclough
Monitors Development
- Interview
Derek Blackway
Associate Outreach Lead, JPL
Donna Bradford
Project Secretary,
George Carlisle
Mission Design and Navigation, JPL
Kurt DeKoning
Monitors, LANL
Danny Everett
Monitors, LANL
James Goddard
Sequence Adaptation, JPL
Janice Graham
V&V Engineer, JPL
Don Han
Navigation Analyst,
Brian Henricks
Administration, JPL
Paul Herrera
Sequence Lead, JPL
Ed Hirst
Mission Manager, JPL
Amy Jurewicz
Project Scientist, JPL
Sharon Kyle
Resource Administration, JPL
Karen Liao
Nora Mainland
Planning Team Lead, JPL
Amiee Meyer
Genesis E/PO Lead, JPL
Sophia No
DSN Scheduling Lead, JPL
Rick Paytner
Payload Quality Lead, JPL
Dan Reisenfeld
Solar Wind Science,
Donald Sevilla
P/L Team Leader,
Tom Spilker
Thermal Analysis,
John Steinberg
Concentrator & Monitors, LANL
Andy Stone
Collector Arrays
Flight Model, JPL
Mike Tankenson
Peter tay
DSN Scheduler, JPL
Steve Waldherr
DSMS Plans & Comittants, JPL
Kenneth Williams
Maneuver Design Analyst, JPL
Roby Wilson
Mission Design Analyst, JPL
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Curator: Aimee Meyer
Updated: November 2009

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