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Meet the initial Genesis team, the men and women who initially worked to make this mission a success. Press and media: All text and footage is public domain, courtesy of NASA. (Windows™ Media Player required to view video clips Click here to Play.)

Don Burnett
Principal investigator and lead scientist, California Institute of Technology
- Don on the ASX video icon  Genesis mission

- Interview
Don Sweetnam
Genesis Project Manager,
Jet Propulsion Laboratorny

- JPL News Release
- Don on being a ASX video icon  mission engineer
- Interview

Lloyd Oldham
Former deputy project manager and program manager, Flight Systems, Lockheed Martin Space System Company- Astronautics Operations
- Interview

Richard Bennett

Genesis system engineer,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Richard on the ASX video icon  Genesis mission
- Interview

Roger Wiens
Genesis payload activities lead at the Space and Atmospheric Science Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory
- Interview

Marcia Neugebauer
Distinguished visiting scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
- Marcia on the ASX video icon  Genesis mission
- Interview
Ben Clark
Chief scientist, Flight Systems
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Astronautics Operations

- Interview
Bruce Barraclough
Monitors development leader,
Los Alamos National Laboratory

- Interview
Martin Lo
Former Genesis Mission Design and Navigation Manager and LTool designer,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Interview
Virgil mireles
Payload thermal engineer,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Interview
Bob Axsom
Genesis Mission Assurance Manager
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Interview
Nancy Cuevas
Former Genesis project secretary,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

- Interview button
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Curator: Aimee Meyer
Updated: November 2009

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