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Don Burnett "Assembling a team is a difficult job. Our Genesis science team is made up of a group of researchers who are enthusiastic about their work. They communicate and collaborate. As a result, the mission is very fortunate to have these individuals onboard. We just couldn't ask for a better group of teammates." Don Burnett — Genesis Principal Investigator and Lead Scientist, California Institute of Technology
"Don Burnett has assembled a really great team, and by every indication they are up to the extraordinary challenge of extracting solar ions from the Genesis collectors. The flight and curation teams have gone to great lengths to obtain, return, and deliver this solar wind embedded in these collector materials to the Genesis science team. It's gratifying to watch this team as they measure the composition of our sun and begin to unlock the secrets of our solar system." Don Sweetnam — Genesis Project Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Don Sweetnam
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Updated: November 2009

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