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Spinning Sprinkler

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The Sun in Shades

Earth playing in a SprinklerWouldn't it be fun to play in a
sprinkler? But where are we going to find one?We can MAKE one!

What You Need
  • Cardboard milk carton
  • Nails of various sizes
  • Water
  • String
Milk Carton withn holes, string and waterwater faucet

What You Do

  1. Attach a string to the top of a milk carton as shown in the diagram. Think about what would happen if you filled this carton with water then poked a hole at the bottom of one of the sides.
  2. For this step get help from an adult. Choose a bottom corner of one of the sides and use a nail to poke a hole. (You make poke more than one.) Fill the carton with water. (Remember to plug the hole with your finger before you hold up the carton by the string, so all the water doesn't leak out.) What happens? Does it move when you hold the string? You've made a spinning sprinkler!
  3. Once the carton stops spinning, fill it with water again and count how many times it spins.
  4. What would happen if you made the hole bigger or added holes to the same side as the first hole? What other ways would you like to experiment with the spinning sprinkler? Write down your ideas.
  5. Choose one idea and test it with the spinning sprinkler.
  6. Repeat your experiment and see if you get the same results.
  7. Get another carton and try some of your other ideas.
  8. Play in the sprinkler and get cooled down!
Earth, Solar wind and the SunDid You Know?
The sun spins too! Solar wind particles are given off from the sun in much the same way as the water that came out of from the spinning sprinkler. The Genesis spacecraft will collect solar wind particles and return them to Earth.

Going Further
Design a spinning sprinkler that can spin the most number of times in one minute. Come up with a plan before you test the sprinkler. For this you will need a minute timer and maybe some practice counting the number of rotations before you start the experiment.

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