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The images below are all SIMULATED views. All of the images are computer generated and are automatically updated every 10 minutes.


Overhead view of the solar system looking down on the orbit of Stardust  

Looking Down on the Sun

This image shows the current position of the STARDUST spacecraft and the spacecraft's trajectory (in blue) around the Sun.


Stardust's View of Earth  

Looking Down on Stardust

This image shows a closer view of STARDUST's orbit. The spacecraft's orbit is in blue, the orbits of the planets are shown in white.


Close up view of Stardust's orbit from above  

Stardust's View of Earth

STARDUST was launched on February 7, 1999 and made an Earth flyby in January 2001.


Overhead view showing the orbits of both Stardust and Comet Wild 2  

Looking Down on the Sun

This image shows the current positions and orbits of the STARDUST spacecraft and Comet Wild 2. The spacecraft's orbit around the Sun is shown in darker blue.

Last updated January 12, 2006
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