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Note: Many of the STARDUST Materials below are provided in PDF file format, and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later installed on your computer to read the materials marked "Available in .pdf file format". The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, and you can download it from this site:



Stardust Mission Brochure (JPL 400-1029A)

An overview of NASA's Stardust Mission, Color Brochure. Available in .pdf file format.

Aerogel Fact Sheet (JPL 400-1119)

An overview of the remarkable material that will capture "a little bit a stardust", Color. Available in .pdf file format.



Stardust 1/26 scale paper model

Download a detailed 1/26 scale model that you build yourself. Available in .pdf file format.

Museum quality models available for loan to qualified museums, planetariums, and exhibits. For more information contact us at



All videos are available for purchase through DG Systems Inc. at:

DG Systems Inc.
10545 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
FAX (818) 985-0614

All orders must be placed via e-mail, mail or fax. Include your name, address, phone number, fax number and/or e-mail address. Specify tapes by "AVC" (productions and video files) or "SRC" (raw source video) number and indicate the videotape format for the copy. DG Systems will provide a cost. DG Systems will duplicate the tapes after acceptance of the cost by you.

For more information on content, please contact JPL's Media Relations Office at (818) 354-5011, FAX (818) 354-4537.

Stardust Animation Video AVC 98-034
A 7 1/2 minute animation that follows the Stardust mission from launch to the wonderous re-entry to Earth.

Stardust Short Launch SRC 000157
A 15 minute video of the spacecraft launch and separation from the Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida.

EMG Educational Compilation AVC 99-008
Educational/General public viewing, approximately 7 1/2 minutes each:
-Stardust mission overview
-Designing a spacecraft (Stardust)
-Collecting particles in space - aerogel
-Meteorites & other small bodies

NASA on the Cutting Edge: Small Bodies, Big Impacts - Cool Comets AVC 1999-039
Take a 30 minute journey with NASA into space as we explore the mysteries of comets and the secrets of our distant past.

If you would like a complete list of JPL videos click here.



Stardust Activity Guide
Hands-on activities designed primarily for grades 5-8. Available in .pdf file format.

"Be A Spacecraft Engineer"

An activity developed by the Jason Project in partnership with NASA that introduces students to elements of spacecraft design using the Stardust spacecraft and the International Space Station as examples.

Last updated February 28, 2006
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