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  Dugway Proving Grounds

The U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground serves as the nation's chemical and biological defense proving ground. It is a large, remote, high-desert closed post that employs about 1,200 military, government civilians and support contractors. The mission of Dugway Proving Ground is to test U.S. and allied biological and chemical defense systems; perform nuclear-biological-chemical survivable testing of defense material; provide support to chemical and biological weapons conventions; and operate and maintain an installation to support test missions.

Dugway is supporting Genesis by providing facilities, logistical, weather and range expertise as well as security and support personnel. The majority of the events surrounding the Genesis capture and return will occur at the facility's Ditto Test Area which approximately 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the installations main gate. Located in Ditto is the Michael Army Air Field, where the Genesis recovery helicopters will be based. Dugway is located approximately 130 kilometers (about 80 miles) west-southwest of Salt Lake City, in the Great Salt Lake Desert in Tooele County, Utah. The Dugway Proving Ground covers 3,233 square kilometers (1,248 square miles) — larger than the state of Rhode Island. Surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, the proving ground's terrain includes mountains, valleys and a large, flat, sparsely vegetated area that extends westward into the southern reaches of expansive salt flats of the Great Salt Lake Desert. button
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Curator: Aimee Meyer
Updated: November 2009

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