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Robotic Spacecraft: Far-Ranging Robots
Educational Resources

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NASA Robotics Image Gallery Select an image from dozens of images of current and experimental robotic missions, vehicles and rovers.

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Vodcasts from Analog Field Tests These vodcasts on NASA EDGE and NASA 360 include information about various fieldtests, in which new robots, rovers and other robotic equipment are operated on Earth in similar conditions that might be faced on the Moon, an asteroid or Mars.
Let's Talk Robotics This video program examines some of NASA's robotic research and how robots are used in space exploration. Classroom scenes show robot study at the intermediate and high school level.
Robotics Alliance Project Webcasts These archives include robotics competitions since 2002.
NASA Robotics Multimedia This page lists a variety of videos and interactive features about robotic rovers, arms, vehicles, and missions.
BEST -- The Engineering Design Process This video series will guide you through the steps in the Engineering Design Process and help introduce students to the methods engineers use to approach and solve a design problem.
How William Shatner Changed the World Dr. Marc Rayman discusses how Star Trek inspired him to create in real life what he saw on the show.
Our World: NASA's Lunar Electric Rover When astronauts return to the Moon, they will need to be able to move around on the surface. Learn about NASA's Lunar Electric Rover, or LER, that will solve problems with pressurization, Moon dust and mobility.
Our World: Digging in Moon Dirt NASA scientists are working to develop a machine capable of digging in the fine, razor sharp dirt on the Moon. Go behind the scenes at the NASA lunar backhoe competition where researchers compete to find out whose machine rises to the challenge.
eClips Challenges of Exploration: The Right Vehicle for the Job Learn about the challenges of exploring the surface of Mars. Find out how NASA uses science and math to successfully design the type of vehicle needed for specific missions. See why scientists refer to entry, descent and landing as the "seven minutes of terror."
eClips NASA's New Moon Robot NASA plans to use a six-legged, wheeled robot for missions to the Moon and Mars called the All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer, or ATHLETE. ATHLETE will be used to move the astronauts' habitats and capture images to send back to Earth.
Real World: TriATHLETE -- The Engineering Design Process in Action See the engineering design process in action at Desert RATS, or Research and Technology Studies, in Arizona. Learn about the next generation of the ATHLETE vehicle. See how the original design changed to allow a split into two robots and the addition of unique tools for exploration.
Real World: Scarab, NASA's Newest Lunar Exploration Rover Find out why engineers are testing NASA's autonomous rover called Scarab. Scarab is equipped with drills for taking lunar soil samples and special wheels designed by Michelin to optimize ground contact pressure.
The ATHLETE Rover This site has a variety of videos of the All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer (ATHLETE) vehicle. ATHLETE uses its 6 wheels for efficient driving over stable, gently rolling terrain, but each limb can also be used as a general purpose leg.

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Spirit and Opportunity: A Tale of Two Rovers -- 2009 Listen as the Mars team celebrates the completion of five years of exploration by the Mars rovers.
Unmanned Space Exploration in 2011, Part 2 This podcast from 365 Days of Astronomy discusses the ongoing robotic exploration of our solar system: who's exploring what planets, moons, asteroids, and comets and what exciting events we have to look forward to this year.
The Deep Space Network We've sent our plucky robot explorers out to get close up pics of the moons of Saturn, crawl around on the surface of Mars and even discover water on the Moon. But when they need to phone home with their latest findings, who's there to listen?
Going to the Moon with the Google X-Prize There's a brand new race to the Moon and this time it's not between two governmental superpowers, but now over two dozen independent commercial space companies from 17 different countries are vying for the Google Lunar X PRIZE by being the first to land a rover on the Moon.

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Mars Rovers Animations This page features several animations of the rovers on Mars.

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ROVER: Robotic Online Virtual Exploration Rover What is it like to be part of a team that designs and tests robots? Find out and test your programming skills with ROVER. Guide the robot over an analog of 12 terrain grids without consuming all of his battery power. Watch out for obstacles!
3-D Interactive: The Lunar Electric Rover Take a 3-D look at NASA's new Lunar Electric Rover.
NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator -- iTunes App Buckle up as the Lunar Electric Rover (LER) Simulator gives you a glimpse of what it might be like to support the activities of a functioning lunar outpost.
Mars Science Laboratory Rover in the JPL Mars Yard Get to know the Mars Science Laboratory rover by exploring this 3-D Photosynth of the rover in the JPL Mars Yard.

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Robotics Alliance Project This project to create a resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space exploration missions showcases a variety of robotic competitions, materials, activities, and challenges for students and educators.
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering NACME provides scholarships for underrepresented minority students in engineering and collaborates with other non-profit organizations to provide pre-engineering study preparation and experiences for public school and community college students.
The Society of Women Engineers SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career for women through an exciting array of training and development programs, networking opportunities, scholarships, outreach and advocacy activities, and much more.
Solar System Ambassadors The Solar System Ambassadors is a nation-wide network of volunteers who are trained to communicate the excitement of NASA's space exploration missions and recent discoveries to people in their local communities.
Museum Alliance The Museum Alliance is a network of museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, NASA Visitor Centers, nature centers, zoos, and aquariums that bring current NASA science and technology to their visitors through professional development of their staff and access to NASA staff, content and materials.
Night Sky Network This site can connect you to amateur astronomy clubs, events, a night sky planner, and more.

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