Author(s): Samuel J. Lawrence
Co-Author(s): Georgiana Y. Kramer, Bradley L. Jolliff, B. Ray Hawke, Mark S. Robinson, Justin J. Hagerty, G. Jeffrey Taylor, Jeffrey Plescia, W. Brent Garry, Julie D. Stopar, Brett W. Denevi, S. E. Braden, L. R. Ostrach, David T. Blewett, Tomas Magna, Thomas R. Watters, Lisa R. Gaddis, Rongxing Li, Clive R. Neal, Jeffrey Gillis-Davis
Panel Selection: Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.
Institution: Arizona State University
Automated sample return missions to the youngest (Procellarum) and oldest (cryptomaria) basalts on the lunar surface will help improve our absolute chronology for the inner Solar System by providing the timing for the beginning and end of lunar basaltic volcanism.

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