Author(s): Dana M. Hurley
Co-Author(s): David J. Lawrence, Raul Baragiola, D. Benjamin Bussey, Anthony Colaprete, M. Darby Dyar, Anthony F. Egan, Richard C. Elphic, William Farrell, William Feldman, James R. Gaier, Jacob Grimes, Jasper S. Halekas, Erika Harnett, James N. Head, Jennifer Heldmann, Amanda Hendrix, Charles A. Hibbitts, Kurt D. Retherford, Catherine Neish, Sarah Noble, Carle Pieters, Paul D. Spudis, Timothy J. Stubbs, Bradley J. Thomson, Kris Zacny
Panel Selection: Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.
Institution: Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
A landed/mobile mission to a lunar permanently shadowed region (PSR) should identify the composition, abundance, and distribution of volatiles in lunar PSRs. The next step is obtaining a detailed understanding of the transport/deposition/retention system to unravel the history of polar volatiles.

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