Author(s): James G. Williams
Co-Author(s): James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev, Richard T. Baran, Kevin M. Birnbaum, Douglas Currie, William M. Folkner, Gary M. Gutt, Hideo Hanada, Hamid Hemmati, Stephen M. Merkowitz,, Kenneth L. Nordtvedt, Thomas W. Murphy, Jr., Jürgen Müller, Nicolas Rambaux, Peter J. Shelus, Ruwan Somawardhana, Robert Spero
Panel Selection: Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.
Institution: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lunar Laser Ranging studies the Moon’s internal structure and properties by tracking the variations in the orientation and tidal distortion of the Moon as a function of time. Future missions to the Moon’s surface should include new laser ranging instrumentation capable of improved range accuracy.

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