Author(s): Linda J. Spilker
Co-Author(s): C. J. Hansen, N. Albers, A. S. Aljabri, D. Banfield, E. B. Bierhaus, M. Brown, J. E. Colwell, C. Chavez, F. Crary, I. de Pater, M. Dougherty, C. Ferrari, G. Filacchione, R. French, M. Gordon, E. Gruen, M. Hedman, A. R. Hendrix, M. Horanyi, G. Hospodarsky, A. Ingersoll, Sasha Kempf, K. Khurana, B. Kurth, D. Landau, J. Lissauer, E. Marouf, A. McEwen, D. A. Paige, C. Paranicas, F. Postberg, N. Rappaport, H. Salo, C. M. Satter, B. Schmidt, M. Showalter, T. R. Spilker, J. Stansberry, N. Strange, M. S. Tiscareno, P. Yanamandra-Fisher
Panel Selection: Giant Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and exoplanets, including rings and magnetic fields, but not their satellites.
Institution: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Argo, an innovative concept for a New Frontiers 4 mission, will yield significant advances in our understanding of evolutionary processes of rings and small bodies in the outer Solar System by executing a flyby through the Neptune system, then going on to a scientifically-selected KBO.