Author(s): William Hubbard
Co-Author(s): Mark Marley
Panel Selection: Giant Planets
Institution: University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Ames Research Center
The purpose of this study was to define a preferred concept approach along with the risk/cost trade space for a Uranus or Neptune Mission launched in the 2020-2023 time frame and within a cost range of $1.5B-$1.9B in FY15$. The study was conducted by a team led by William Hubbard with members of both the Giant Planets and Satellites Panels working with the JHU/APL Space Department as the design center. NASA Glenn Research Center's COMPASS team made significant contributions as part of the design team in the areas of mission design, solar electric propulsion stage concept development, and Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator performance.

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