Author(s): Geoffrey Collins
Co-Author(s): Claudia J. Alexander, Amy C. Barr, Edward B. Bierhaus, Michael T. Bland, Veronica J. ray, Lorenzo Bruzzone, Emma Bunce, Andrew Coates, John F. Cooper, Frank Crary, Andrew J. Dombard, Gianrico Filacchione, Olivier Grasset, Gary B. Hansen, Amanda R. Hendrix, Charles A. Hibbitts, Terry A. Hurford, Hauke Hussmann, Ralf Jaumann, Ozgur Karatekin, Krishan K. Khurana, Michelle R. Kirchoff, Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Melissa A. McGrath, Jeffrey M. Moore, Robert T. Pappalardo, G. Wesley Patterson, Christina Plainaki, Louise M. Prockter, Kurt Retherford, James H. Roberts, Paul M. Schenk, David A. Senske, Adam P. Showman, Katrin Stephan, Federico Tosi, Roland J. Wagner
Panel Selection: Satellites: Galilean satellites, Titan, and the other satellites of the giant planets.
Institution: Wheaton College, Massachusetts
This paper summarizes outstanding science questions about Ganymede and its place in the Jupiter system, and how further exploration would answer these questions.

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