Author(s): William B. McKinnon
Co-Author(s): S.K. Atreya, K.H. Baines, P.M. Beauchamp,J. Clarke, G.C. Collins, J.E. Connerney, C.J. Hansen, M.D. Hofstadter, T.V. Johnson, R.D. Lorenz, R.T. Pappalardo, C.B. Phillips, J. Radebaugh, P.M. Schenk, L.J. Spilker, T. Spilker, H. Throop, E.P. Turtle, D.A. Williams, T. Balint, A. Coustenis, T. Hurford, J.-P. Lebreton, D.L. Matson, M. McGrath
Panel Selection: Giant Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and exoplanets, including rings and magnetic fields, but not their satellites. Satellites: Galilean satellites, Titan, and the other satellites of the giant planets.
Institution: Washington University
Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) recommends that the DS support 1) the JEO and ESJM flagship, 2) Cassini Solstice Mission, and 3) Technology to permit next Outer Planets flagship to Titan/Enceladus, and assess the feasibility of 4) "small flagship" mission class and 5) a set of NF candidates.

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