Author(s): Jack Burns
Co-Author(s): E. Hallman, D. Duncan, J. Darling, & J. Stocke, J. Lazio, K. Weiler, J. Hewitt, C. Carilli, R. Bradley, T. Bastian, J. Ulvestad, J. Kasper & L. Greenhill, R. MacDowall, S. Merkowitz, J. McGarry, Zagwodzki, P. Yeh, H. Thronson, S. Ne, D. Currie, T. Murphy, S. Furlanetto & A. Mesinger, A. Loeb, J. Pritchard & E. Visbal, D. Jones, G. Taylor, K. Nordtvedt, J. Bowman, J. Grunsfeld, S. Bale, B. Wandelt, H. Falcke
Panel Selection: Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, and the Moon.
Institution: University of Colorado
The Moon is a unique platform for fundamental astrophysical measurements of gravitation, the Sun, and the Universe. With the aim of providing additional perspective on the Moon as a scientific platform, this white paper describes key research projects involving astrophysics from the Moon.