Author(s): Robert J. Lillis
Co-Author(s): J. Arkani-Hamed, D. A. Brain, J. C. Cain, J. E. P. Connerney, G. T. Delory, J. Espley, M. Fuller, J. Gattecceca, J. S. Halekas, L. L. Hood, C. L. Johnson, D. Jurdy, G. Kletetschka, B. Langlais, R. P. Lin, K. L. Louzada, M. Manga, C. Milbury, D. Mozzoni, M. Purucker, D. Ravat, J. H. Roberts, P. Rochette, C.T. Russell, S. Smrekar, S. T. Stewart, S. Vennerstrom, B. P. Weiss, K. Whaler
Panel Selection: Mars: Not Phobos and Deimos.
Institution: University of California Berkeley
Mars'' crustal magnetization is unique and enigmatic. It is pertinent to Mars science questions as diverse as the structure of the interior and the evolution of climate. To study it, we recommend 1) extending the MAVEN mission, 2) rover-mounted surface magnetometers and 3) oriented sample return.

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