Author(s): Athena Coustenis
Co-Author(s): J. Lunine, D. Matson, K. Reh, P. Beauchamp, J.-M.Charbonnier, L. Bruzzone, M.-T. Capria, A. Coates, C. Hansen, R. Jaumann, J.-P. Lebreton, R. Lopes, R. Lorenz, I. Mueller-Wodarg, F. Raulin, E. Sittler, J. Soderblom, F. Sohl, C. Sotin, T. Spilker, N. Strange, T. Tokano, E. Turtle, H. Waite, L. Gurvits, C. Nixon, T. Livengood, J. Blamont, R. Achterberg, M. Allen, C. Anderson, D. Atkinson, T. Balint, G. Bampasidis, D. Banfield, A. Bar-Nun, J. Barnes, R. Beebe, E. Bierhaus, G. Bjoraker, D. Burr, F. Crary, J. Cui, J. Elliott, M. Flasar, A. Friedson, M. Galand, D. Gautier, M. Gurwell, J. Head, M. Hirtzig, T. Hurford, T. Johnson, K. Klaus, W. Kurth, E. Lellouch, J. Martin-Torres, K. Mitchell, X. Moussas, M. Munk, C. Neish, L. Norman, B. Noyelles, G. Orton, A. Pankine, D. Pascu , E. Pencil, S. Rafkin, T. Ray, F. Rocard, S. Rodriguez, A. Solomonidou, L. Spilker, R. West, D. Williams, E. Wilson, M. Wright, V. Zivkovic
Panel Selection: Satellites: Galilean satellites, Titan, and the other satellites of the giant planets.
Institution: Paris Observatory, France
Many of the questions remaining to be addressed after the Cassini-Huygens mission require both remote and in situ exploration. Our understanding of the lower atmosphere, surface and interior of Titan will benefit greatly from detailed investigations by a montgolfiere, reaching a variety of locations

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