Author(s): Julian Nott
Co-Author(s): Kim Reh, Jonathan Lunine, David L. Pierce, Patricia Beauchamp, Tim Colonius, R.C. Downs, Jerrold Marsden, Carl F. Braun, Don Day, Michael Arnold, Wade Allmon, Dick Bohannnon, Alberto Elfes, John Elliot, Debora Fairbrother, Jack Jones, Jeff Hall, Greg Mungas, Michael Pauken, Rob Sinclair, Luke Brooke, David Wakefield
Panel Selection: Satellites: Galilean satellites, Titan, and the other satellites of the giant planets.
Institution: Nott Technology LLC
Numerous studies agree that Titan is of outstanding scientific interest and Montgolfiere balloons ideal for its exploration. This paper examines balloon operations, weather and steering. It suggests novel concepts that may encourage radical thinking about Titan balloon designs.

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