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Stardust Management - 2005

Stardust Management - 2005
From left to right: Allan Cheuvront, Stardust Spacecraft Engineer (LMA), Don Brownlee, Stardust Principal Investigator (University of Washington), Tom Duxbury, Stardust Project Manager (JPL), Joe Vellinga, Stardust Program Manager (LMA),

Stardust Management - 1999

Stardust Management - 1999
From left to right: Joe Vellinga, Stardust Program Manager (LMA), Ken Atkins, former STARDUST Project Manager (JPL), Tom Duxbury, STARDUST Project Manager (JPL), Don Brownlee, Stardust Principal Investigator (University of Washington).

Lockheed Martin Development Team Members: 1996-1999 Lockheed Martin Development Team Members: 1996-1999

Lockheed Martin Development Team Members

Stardust Flight Team: 1999-2004

Stardust Flight Team
The Stardust Flight Team at JPL: Standing from left: Peter Tay, Eunice Lau, Chuck Acton, Dwight Holmes, Ray Newburn, Scott Turner, James Rose, Boris Semenov. Seated from left: Bob Ryan, Martha Heil, Shyam Bhaskaran, Ron Baalke, Beatriz Abu-Ata, Aimee Whalen, Tom Duxbury.

Stardust Payload Team

Stardust Payload Team
Ray Newburn, Don Brownlee, Jochen Kissel, Peter Tsou, Thanasis Economou


Back row, left to right, Nyle G. Utterback, Johan Silen, Maria Grenzer, Klaus Hornung(raising arm), Andreas Schneider, Hanna von Hoerner, Gerhard Haerendel
Seated, from left ro right, Jouni Ryno, Hartmut Henkel, Yves Langevin

Stardust Operations Team: 1999-2006

Stardust Operations Team
The Stardust Operations Team in Breckenridge, Colorado for the encounter workshop.

Stardust Development Team
Stardust Development Team: 1996-1999
Left to Right: Tom Hoffman (Avionics Syst. Engineer), Audrey Doran (Syst. Engineer), Rick Grammier (Deputy Project Manager), Jan Graham (Environmental Protection), Mark Trummel (Mission Assurance Manager), Laura Carr (Syst. Information Administrator), Walt Boyd (Planning & Control Lead), Dave Murrow (LV Interface Rep for JPL), Ken Atkins (Project Manager)

Stardust Development Team: 1996-1999
Standing - left to right: Darren Bedell (Launch Site Support Manager), Hoffman, Carr, Rick Wanner (ATLO Manager - LMA), Graham, Trummel, Doran, Rick Price (Cost Manager - LMA), Murrow, Unknown, Unknown
Seated - Left to right: Grammier, Atkins, Joe Vellinga (LMA Program Manager)

Last Updated: October 9, 2009



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