Published: November 27, 2017
Advanced Paper Model

The Cassini Spacecraft is the largest interplanetary robot ever flown. Launched October 15, 1997, Cassini’s mission is to orbit Saturn, deliver the Huygens Probe to Titan’s atmosphere, and spend at least four years studying Saturn’s atmosphere, magnetosphere, icy satellites, its largest satellite Titan, and of course its ring system. Too massive to flydirectly to Saturn, Cassini orbits the Sun twice, flying by Venus and Earth, to gather the momentum for its trip to the outer solar system. Jupiter provides the final boost to Saturn.

The Cassini 1/37 Scale Model is made by following the assembly instructions, cutting out the printed parts, folding and gluing. The project requires several hours, and a good deal of patience. By building the model, you’ll learn all about the Cassini Spacecraft, in an effective, enjoyable way.

One model can be assembled by several people as a group activity. Numbered assembly instruction steps marked “•” can be accomplished at the same time, so more than one person can work together. Or one person working alone may do one “•” step while waiting for glue to dry on another “•” step. If more than one person is working, each person should explain what was learned about the spacecraft during their work, to the rest of the group.

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