Source: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Published: June 11, 2015

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft launched toward Pluto in 2006, but the mission can trace its start back to 1930, when Clyde Tombaugh discovered the small planet and opened the door to a new, mysterious region of the solar system we're only now just beginning to understand. A new documentary, "The Year of Pluto" brings you along with the New Horizons team as it realizes its vision for the mission, builds and launches its spacecraft, and prepares for the incredible July 2015 flyby that will give humankind its first close-up look at Pluto -completing the reconnaissance of the classical planets and beginning the exploration of the Kuiper Belt.

The dream . . . the adventure . . . the promise of discovery . . . that's what makes 2015 the Year of Pluto.

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