full poster compilation of 6 separate coloring pages featuring our solar system and beyond
Published: December 17, 2020

In these coloring pages you’ve traveled our universe and explored what’s inside of it! From Earth’s Moon to the many moons of Jupiter, and from Mars to Jupiter to planets outside our solar system, you've learned more about our universe and how NASA explores it every day.

Cut along the dotted line of each coloring page and put them together to reveal this stellar poster!

Want to check the answers to our hints? Test your knowledge against the answers below:

Week 1

  1. How we talk with distant spacecraft
    Deep Space Network
  2. Where America's first robotic space "Explorer" came from
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  3. A way to look at the stars up close from Earth
  4. This "sentinel" will monitor the height of our oceans
    Sentinel 6 – Michael Freilich

Week 2

  1. The only moon with its own magnetic field
  2. Some "stellar" twins made of stars
    Gemini constellation
  3. The greatest spot in the solar system
  4. A moon where you'd see lots of volcanoes erupting

Week 3

  1. A little planet with a big heart
  2. A shortcut through space
    Worm hole
  3. A couple of ice giants
    Neptune & Uranus
  4. The universe put some big, bright rings on it

Week 4

  1. Where you can find the hit tunes of our universe
    The Golden Record on Voyagers 1 and 2 spacecraft
  2. A bot with questions about life
    Perseverance rover
  3. How an asteroid holds up its pants
    Asteroid belt
  4. A spacecraft headed for a metal world
    Psyche spacecraft

Week 5

  1. A dusty place where stars are born
  2. A place where you are more likely to find rocks than cheese
    Earth’s Moon
  3. Two ocean worlds covered in ice
    Europa & Enceladus
  4. How to soothe a newborn star
    Pacifier (while not scientifically correct, it’s fun to think about)

Week 6

  1. Famous for "out of this world" images
    Hubble Space Telescope
  2. A laboratory and home for astronauts in orbit
    International Space Station
  3. A planet that orbits around other stars
  4. The reason there's no air in space


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