Titan Radar
Published: December 17, 2004

Cassini's high-gain antenna is able to operate at S, X, Ka, and Ku-band
frequencies. In addition to communications (X-band between Earth and orbiter,
and S-band from probe to orbiter), radio science measurements are also
possible for probing Saturn and satellite gravity fields, rings, atmospheres
and surfaces.

This artist's conception illustrates the capacity of the
Cassini radar to map the haze-enshrouded surface of Titan using the Ku-band
frequency. Radar images of the surface are taken at a typical resolution of
about 500 meters. Altimetry and passive radiometry measurements are also made.

Approximately 1% of Titan's surface can be mapped by the high-resolution
Cassini radar during a Titan flyby. Full mapping coverage of Titan will be
accomplished by combining the high-resolution radar mapping with
lower-resolution passive radiometry. (P-46225AC)


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