Black and white image of Saturn's Hexagon.

Unprocessed, raw images of Saturn's hexagon. More Raw Images ›

This was the first week of the last year of the Cassini mission. Here's what happened:

We marked the official one year mark to Cassini's Grand Finale. It's a bittersweet milestone. Our team is excited about the science-packed year ahead:

An nice batch of raw images came down featuring Saturn's Hexagon. Use the search filters to narrow the search down to 09-09-2016 see the hexagon batch:

Each Thursday, we publish Significant Events, the mission's diary. Read weekly updates from the mission dating back to 1997. Vist the Significant Events Library.

Feeling a little nostalgic, we looked back to one of our early mission posters published in 2001 - when the whole prime mission was still in front of us. The student mural used to create the cover art is spectacular: Cassini: Unvieling the Myth Poster

Cassini Myth Poster
An early Cassini mission poster.

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