Rhea's Western Wisps

Icy fractures on Saturn's moon Rhea reflect sunlight brightly in this high-resolution mosaic created from images captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during its March 2, 2010, flyby. This flyby was the closest flyby of Rhea up to then.
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Rhea's Fractured Terrain in 3-D

Wispy fractures cut through cratered terrain on Saturn's moon Rhea in this high resolution, 3-D image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The image shows a level of detail not seen previously.
Rhea South Polar Map - November 2009
The southern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Rhea is seen in this polar stereographic map, mosaicked from the best-available images obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Map of Rhea - November 2009 This global digital map of Saturn's moon Rhea was created using data obtained by NASA's Cassini and Voyager spacecraft.

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