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Resources: Art Station Titan

Art Station Titan Show Materials

Art Station Titan is an informal science stage show that engages and educates audiences through a guided scientific illustration activity. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science's Senior Educator, Eddie Goldstein, leads the audience in a mock "Art Station Titan" interactive activity. Each participant is given pencils and a clipboard while the facilitator, using a series of Cassini and Huygens images and videos of Titan, leads them through an exercise in which each participant draws a sketch of a Titan landscape, learning throughout the show about many aspects of the Titan environment as revealed by modern exploration.

The recommended classroom size is no greater than 30 students and the activity typically runs for 45 minutes but can be adjusted to meet your classroom schedule.

Art Station Titan can be performed to a virtual audience with proper equipment, or you can run your own show using the information provided in these videos and documents.

For more information, or to schedule an Art Station Show, please visit or contact

Gianna Sullivan
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Box #2
Denver, CO 80205
United States
Phone: (303) 370-6097
Fax: (303) 370-6006

The following documents are available for downloading to provide information about putting on your very own Art Station Titan Show.


Download all Files (zip, 10 MB)

- Part One: Read This First (doc)
- Part Two: Credits (doc)
- Part Three: How to Mount this Show (doc)
- Part Four: How to Practice and Learn (doc)
- Part Five: Setting Up (doc)
- Part Six: The Script (doc)
- Part Seven: Training (ppt)

Training Videos

- Titan Q & A (View the video on Vimeo)

Powerpoints to Mount the Show

Download all Files (zip, 243 MB)

- Art Station Titan ONEPROJECTOR-Mac.ppt
- Atreya-3x-trimmed-VC1 1920x1080p30 16x9.wmv
- Art Station Titan ONEPROJECTOR-Win .ppt
- Art Station Titan RT-Win.ppt
- Art Station Titan RT-Mac.ppt
- Atreya-3x-trimmed.mp4
- SaturntoTitanFlyto4.wmv
- SaturntoTytanFlyto4.mp4
- Art Station Titan - Teleconference.ppt
- Art Station Titan LF-Mac.ppt
- Art Station Titan LF-Win.ppt
- Read Me.doc

Bonus Stuff

Download all Files (zip, 254 MB)

- ArtStationTitle.jpg
- DistanceLearning-RealView.JPG
- DistanceLearning-WhatISaw.JPG
- DistanceLearning-WhatTheySaw.jpg
- MichaelOnSkype.png
- sunflyout.wmv
- TitanShore.jpg

Drawing Illustrations

Download all Files (zip, 42 MB)

- TitanBuild000.jpg
- TitanBuild001.jpg
- TitanBuild003.jpg
- TitanBuild005.jpg
- TitanBuild006.jpg
- TitanBuild008.jpg
- TitanBuild009.jpg
- TitanBuild010.jpg
- TitanBuild013.jpg
- TitanBuild015.jpg
- TitanBuild016.jpg
- TitanBuild020.jpg
- TitanBuild021.jpg
- TitanBuild023.jpg


Art Station Titan Show

Titan. The largest moon of Saturn. One of the most fascinating places in our Solar System and it is one of the few places in our Solar System that harbor organic molecules. In Art Station: Titan, you and your visitors or students will learn about this fascinating world through the technique of Scientific Illustration. Just as Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, and other great scientists captured their investigations with scientifically accurate illustrations, so will you.

This show appeals to kids (and adults) who are interested in science or interested in art. What's more, it will expose your audiences to the idea of scientific illustration, a career that they may not have realized even existed.

Art Station Titan Art Tips

Join us as Denver Museum of Nature & Science's Michael Caroll and Kate Moreland give art tips for creating the Titan Landscape in your classroom. They break down every aspect of the Art Station Titan Stage Show by touching on on creating light, shadows, a sense of depth and perspective, mountains, river beds and lakes, clouds, ice-rocks, and rain on Titan. Even the inexperienced artist will be able to follow along!

Art Station Titan Q & A

Denver Museum of Nature & Science's Curator of Astrobiology, Dr. David Grinspoon, leads a scientific question and answer session regarding the mysterious orange moon of Saturn. Dr. Grinspoon clearly breaks down complex concepts into laymen terms. Even you can understand the basics of Titan chemistry!