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Image of the Moon and Earth
Image of the Moon and Earth
Image of the Moon and Earth
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Ten things you need to know about the solar system this week: Juno eyes Jupiter, taking a spacecraft for a spin   more read more
10 Things: June 6
Fifty Years of Moon Dust: Surveyor 1 was a Pathfinder for Apollo
Before humans could take their first steps on the moon, that mysterious and forbidding surface had to be reconnoitered by robots.   more read more
Mars Viewing Tips May 2016
You don't need a telescope to see Mars. Just look to the South - Southeast at sunset, south at midnight, southwest in hours before dawn.   more read more
NASA Research Gives New Insights into How the Moon Got 'Inked'
A powerful combination of observations and computer simulations is giving new clues to how the moon got its mysterious swirling patterns   more read more
10 Things: March 28
Ten things you need to know about our solar system this week: the latest planetary discoveries   more read more
Explore the Moon in 3D
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