Launch Date Feb. 7, 1968
Launch Site Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Russia |
Launch Site 1
Destination Earth’s Moon
Type Orbiter
Status Unsuccessful
Nation Soviet Union
Alternate Names


This mission was presumed to be a test of a communications system in support of the Soviet program to send cosmonauts to the Moon.


None. The spacecraft failed to reach Earth orbit due to premature cutoff of the third-stage engine.

Key Dates

Feb. 7, 1968: Launch

In Depth

During launch to Earth orbit, the third-stage engine cut off prematurely because of an excessive propellant consumption rate via the gas generator. The spacecraft never reached Earth orbit.

The goal of the mission was evidently to test communications systems in support of the N1-L3 human lunar landing program.


Launch Vehicle: 8K78M (no. Ya716-57)

Spacecraft Mass: Unknown

Spacecraft Instruments: Unknown

Selected References

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