Launch Date Apr. 22, 1968
Launch Site Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Russia |
Launch Site 81P
Destination Earth’s Moon
Type Flyby (Circumlunar)
Status Unsuccessful
Nation Soviet Union
Alternate Names N/A


This uncrewed mission was the third in a series intended to lay the groundwork for sending Soviet cosmonauts to orbit and eventually land on the moon.


None. A malfunction shut the engine down only minutes after launch. The spacecraft's emergency rescue system did work. The payload capsule was ejected and recovered about 520 kilometers away

In Depth

During this third attempt at a circumlunar mission, the Proton rocket's second stage engine spuriously shut down at T+194.64 seconds due to an erroneous signal from the payload.

The emergency rescue system was activated, and the 7K-L1 capsule was later recovered about 520 kilometers from the launch pad.


Launch Vehicle: 8K82K + Blok D (Proton K no. 232-01 / Blok D no. 15L)

Spacecraft Mass: 5,375 kilograms

Spacecraft Instruments:


Selected References

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