Launch Date Nov. 22, 1967
Launch Site Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, Russia |
Launch Site 81P
Destination Earth’s Moon
Type Flyby (Circumlunar)
Status Unsuccessful
Nation Soviet Union
Alternate Names N/A


This was the second Soviet attempt to fly around the Moon in preparation for sending cosmonauts.


None. One of the second-stage engines failed to fire during launch, and the launch vehicle was destroyed about two minutes after launch.

In Depth

This was the second Soviet attempt at a robotic circumlunar mission. On this launch, one of the four second-stage engines of the Proton rocket failed to ignite at T+125.5 seconds due to a break in the engine nozzle.

The wayward booster was then destroyed on command from the ground at T+129.9 seconds.


Launch Vehicle: 8K82K + Blok D (Proton-Kno. 230-01 / Blok D no. 13L)

Spacecraft Mass: 5,375 kilograms

Spacecraft Instruments:


Selected References

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