Our Solar System

Kids illustration of the planets at a tennis match.
Science doesn't always have to be serious.

Cosmic Questions

Test your space trivia skills with these rhymes. See a word you don't get? Look it up.

What's up I'm _____ -- I'm red as rust. Topped with canyons and craters all covered in dust. I got 24 hours in my day. And I'm a lot like Earth some scientists say. What am I?

I'm the star in the middle, burning bright for everyone. I've got the pull -- keepin' y'all in line. Got ya spinning on your axis throughout space and time What am I?

I'm a blue and white marble, floating in space. With jungles, rocks and oceans and tectonic plates. I've got summer, winter, spring and fall. If you haven't guessed yet -- I've got it all! What am I?

My planets are many, but I have just one sun. To explore me in a spacecraft would be lots of fun. What am I?

I've got a nickname, it's Morning Star. And I'm covered in clouds that are thick as tar. There are volcanoes all over my surface. Forgive me if I'm volatile, it's not on purpose. What am I?

Some like to call us satellites. There's hundreds of us in the sky. More discovered every day, lighting up the darkest nights. Some of us are icy. Some are dust and rock and stone. Some of us have really cool names. Some of us are unknown. What are we?

Yo I'm ______ and I'm really far out. I've got a Great Dark Spot, that's nothing to laugh about. I'm freezing cold, got methane ice. I'm blue as an ocean in paradise. What am I?

Hey everybody, I'm sixth and I'm ______. I got swirly winds in a stripey pattern. I'm pretty famous for my pretty rings and gorgeous aurora. Loop the sun in 29 years, hope that doesn't bore ya'. What am I?

Twelve astronauts have walked on me, planting American flags one by one. Wouldn't that be fun? What am I?

When you look through a telescope, what do you see? Clouds of blue-green and rings around me. What am I?

I'm No. 1. I go around the sun. In just 88 days, I get cold and then I blaze. I'm not tilted or wilted 'cause I got no air. Covered with craters so please don't stare. What am I?

I'm ______ and I've been demoted. I demand a recount for all who voted. Now I'm a dwarf planet hangin' in the Kuiper Belt. But I can still jam it, so cool I'll never melt. I'm the king of the munchkins, but that's all right. I'm still a stella fella and I'll always shine bright. What am I?

I've got no atmosphere to speak of, no sound or wind or air. The footprints that astronauts left on me are actually still there. What am I?

They call me a shooting star. But I'm not even a star. I'm a tiny piece of debris. That's going fast and really far. What am I?

Bonus Round
You'll have to find the answer to these riddles yourself. Are you ready?

We don't go around Earth in a circular pattern. Just Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. What are we?

Hot, glowing gases keep me bright. You can wish on me any night? What am I?

Eight of us travel around the sun. You live on a special one. What am I?

You can look for clues here.