Kid's illustration of Earth from space.
Earth is an ocean planet.

Our Home Planet

Earth, our home planet, is the third planet from the sun. It is the fifth largest planet in our solar system. It is the only planet we know of where life exists. Earth has hundreds of names in many languages. It has one moon.

How is Earth similar to
Mercury, Venus and Mars
How is it different?
Color image of the whole Earth.

In some ways, Earth is similar to Mercury, Venus and Mars. They are all hard, rocky planets. All four have meteor impact craters. Like Mars and Venus, Earth has volcanoes, mountains and valleys.

But Earth is different in very important ways. Most of our planet is covered with water. The air is made of nitrogen, oxygen and a little carbon dioxide -- just right for us to breathe. Earth is home to people, plants and animals because it has both water and the right kind of atmosphere.

Earth's Moon is the brightest and most familiar object in the night sky. In many ways, the Moon is responsible for making Earth such a great home. It stabilizes our planet's wobble. Since the Moon stabilizes Earth's wobble the weather is nicer.