Solar System Cookbook

BETA Edition: Solar System Cookbook

Illustration of Jupiter in Chef's hat.

Here are some of our recipes to put some planetary goodness in your holiday celebration.

Gingerbread Cassini (PDF, 109 KB): This edible model of NASA's intrepid Saturn orbiter comes in a regular and a low-calorie version.

Martian North Pole Layered Bean Dip (PDF, 171 KB): Explore the layers of the Martian North Pole using a tortilla chip to stand in for NASA's Phoenix lander.

Gummy Greenhouse Gases: Build sweet models of the molecules of the gases that cause global warming. Eat them and save the day.

Jiggly Jupiter: Unlock the secrets of the planets, then break out the spoons and dig in to these gelatin treats.

Oreo Moon Phases: This is an easy one that explains the phases of our Moon. The rewards of lunar science are tasty.