A purple sun with bursts of white and gold light speckled throughout
Credit: NASA/SDO/Duberstein

Building a Framework for Heliophysics Education

NASA HEAT is building a Framework for Heliophysic Education to provide the background and scaffolding educators need to incorporate heliophysics topics into existing STEM curricula. Using the three main questions that heliophysicists investigate as the foundation, we cross-referenced heliophysics topics with the NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas, to create NGSS-aligned “heliophysics big ideas.”

Best Practice! Using Guiding Questions to Drive Inquiry

Each big idea has student-friendly questions written at different levels that you can use to guide inquiry-based investigations at the appropriate level. Click on each big idea to learn more about how to use these questions to model scientific processes while engaging learners in exciting heliophysics content.

1. What are the impacts of the Sun on humanity?


2. How do the Earth, the solar system, and heliosphere respond to changes on the Sun?


3. What causes the Sun to vary?


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